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Kalesar is spread over 60 acres of lush green hillside along Yamuna River, surrounded by over 50,000 acres of reserved forest and situated 5500 feet above sea level. Kalesar is situated on the boarders of Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, U.P. and Uttarnchal on the road lead to Paonta Sahib.
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Fighting with Global Warming
The biggest cause of global warming is the carbon dioxide released when fossil fuels like oil and coal are burned for energy.

Consequences of global warning are:

   * Average temperatures will rise, as will the frequency of heat waves
   * Drought and wildfire
   * More intense rainstorms
   * Deadly heat waves and the spread of disease
   * More powerful and dangerous hurricanes
   * Melting glaciers, early ice thaw
   * Sea-level rise
   * Ecosystem shifts and species die-off

And the solution to all these problems is "Trees".

To fight with increasing level of earth temperature, tree plantation project is promoted in Kalesar and almost 2 lacs trees are planted, which will absorb harmful carbon dioxide gas emitted from various sources. A variety of trees are planted including herbal plants and teak wood.

Kalesar offers a host of activities such as:
fishing walking trekking Sight Seeing
Fishing Walking Trekking Sight Seeing
swimming birdwatching safari rafting
Sunset Jungle House Sunset Camp Fire
swimming birdwatching safari rafting
Fishing Sunset River Sunset
swimming birdwatching safari rafting
Swimming Bird Watching Safari Water Rafting
The countryside is ideal for low-level treks and walks. Those interested in nature study and bird watching will get their fill. The Yamuna River offers the possibility of angling during season (winter to early summer). Picnics and visits to local historical sites and monuments are arranged, and satisfying hours can be spent exploring nearby places.